The Best Phones of 2017: What’s Coming?

The market of phones is always evolving. It’s one of the fastest-evolving markets in the world of technology, and in this article we put this information at your full disposal. If you would like to invest into something new, then you are in the right place.

What are you going to talk about here? We will simply bring you a list with the newest phones which will be released this year, so you can start saving money for them. If you are looking to switch your old phone for a new one, then this article is going to help you greatly.

An Apple’s Masterpiece: iPhone 8

Apple is planning to release their new flagship phone: the iPhone 8. We know how awesome this smartphone is, and we are more than sure that this new version will be more than incredible.

According to rumors this is going to be an all-glass design. If you ever wanted to have a phone which looks out of this world and elegant, then you will have to buy the iPhone 8 with its cutting-edge design which will leave everyone in awe.

And now, according to all the rumors, this is what the iPhone 8 will offer:

  • All-glass design
  • Organic LED display for better images
  • New screen sizes
  • No home button
  • And much more

And if you are a fan of Pokemon Go, then you are going to love it: This smartphone is going to include augmented reality features. This is a revolutionary introduction, and we are pretty sure that many persons will want to buy it solely for this fact.

Samsung’s Best: Galaxy Note 8

It’s not sure yet, but there are some rumors around which say that the Galaxy Note 8 may make its first appearance this fall of 2017. Even though we all know how much problems the Note 7 had in 2016, there are still rumors which say Samsung is going to launch a new version. Whereas on the hand, we have those who say that Samsung may withdraw completely from the Note line.

Samsung Galaxy S8:

In order to fight back the bad incidents provoked by the Galaxy Note 7, we all know about it, Samsung has to release something revolutionary, and as it seems the phone that will do it will be the Galaxy S8.

We don’t know much about it yet, because Samsung wants to keep it all secret till it’s launched or announced to the public. But so far now we know that it will include an amazing digital assistant powered by Viv. What’s Viv? It’s an AI (Artificial intelligence) start-up Samsung bought recently.

Therefore, the Galaxy S8 will be one of the first phones out there equipped with cutting-edge AI features. And we are more than sure that this alone will attract many people to buy it.

So these are the hottest phones of 2017. They are not launched yet, but the rumors say they will be launched under any mean this year.

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