Questions & Answers

How much is it ?

Backing up and exploring your sms data on Txto is entirely free !

The printed version of your tomes are shipped by 3. The first box costs 20 euros. Additional boxes cost 15 euros.

Android - TxtoSync does not work on my phone

TxtoSync for Android is available for Android 4.0+

If your device is not compatible, you can still sync your data manually. Here is how you can do this :

  1. Download SMSBackUpRestore on your phone
  2. Backup your sms data and send it to you by email
  3. Go to and drop your backup file to the corresponding area (drop the .xml file).

Still not working ? Drop us an email --> [email protected]

iPhone - I cannot install TxtoSync for Mac on my computer

You need to edit your security settings to authorize non Apple apps to be installed on your computer.

Check this video tutorial if you need help on this.

Still not working ? Drop us an email --> [email protected]

iPhone - I am stuck at step 2 of TxtoSync

That means the app cannot access your sms backup file created by iTunes. Make sure :

  • You have backed up your iPhone correctly with iTunes
  • You have not ticked 'encrypted my iPhone backup' on iTunes

Check this tutoriel if you need help.

Still not working ? Drop us an email --> [email protected]